Lakeside Golf Course Skies – Upper Marlboro

I wanted to feature a landscape image that I took in Maryland at nearby Golf course. This was a simple image to capture, but when you look closely at the clouds you will see a snapshot of a moment in time. This moment lasts but for a fraction of a second and then it is on to another moment. However, when you capture many moments from the same location, you get to see a snapshot of what these moments look […]

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Sunset is the start of a new day – Jaco

In another addition to my BEauty Around Us (BEAU) Series, I’ll be featuring a simple sunset. It is common knowledge that a sunset is the beginning of another day somewhere around the world. The end of a cycle of the sun in our world and the beginning in another world. Everyone has seen the sunrise and the sunset in various places during their lifetime. Nothing special right? No. The ability to capture an event that happens every day is and […]

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Mas que Nada – Rio De Janeiro

When I first heard this song, I was watching the movie Rio and it stuck with me. I associated this song with Rio and Carnival and for years it was my soundtrack to Brasil. I imagined visiting and hearing this song in my head as I walked on the beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. I was able to realize this dream and trust me when I say I heard this song too. Today’s featured image is a snapshot […]

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