A Sun Shining Day – Santo Domingo

Traveling the world can be exhausting but there are times when you have to take your wins and cherish the moments that you get to see and experience. My feature image today is about a moment in time that was captured in the capital of the Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo. In my apartment in Piantini, I took time to see why the culture and people of this small island was so impressive.

One of the reason was that there was a different star in the sky over this island nation. A start that brought a chance of a renewed hope to keep moving forward each day and accept the good and bad things that life throws. As I watched the city buzzling, I felt what every native feel about their world – the hope for another better day.

This is the win, that I take away from this moment. The blessing that tomorrow will bring another chance to be better and do better despite the obstacles that life brings.

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