Sunset is the start of a new day – Jaco

In another addition to my BEauty Around Us (BEAU) Series, I’ll be featuring a simple sunset. It is common knowledge that a sunset is the beginning of another day somewhere around the world. The end of a cycle of the sun in our world and the beginning in another world.

Everyone has seen the sunrise and the sunset in various places during their lifetime. Nothing special right? No. The ability to capture an event that happens every day is and see the unique side is uncommon. For example, how about the how the lights react to the closing out of another chapter or the sound of the ocean waves as each they welcome in darkness. These are the things that a snapshot of the sunset leaves out, but you need to look out for the light display after you think the show is over and wonder if it really was a smooth transition.

This scene was witnessed in Jaco, Costa Rica and I think you will agree with me that this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful things that happens around the world each day.

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